ComproNAS 104

1U Extendable Storage Device with Centralized Management

The ComproNAS-104 is a NAS (Network Attached Storage)
device designed for file sharing and data protection
applications, and can be placed either on a tabletop or
in a standard rackmount. The 1U system is ideal for data centers
and small, medium, to corporate-sized businesses with
space- and money-saving needs. The ComproNAS-104 provides scalability, reliability,
flexibility,high-performance, and fault-tolerance all in the space of only 1U!



4 ATA-133 Hot-Swappable HDD bays
Supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and 5 with Hot-Spare
Redundant Hot-Swappable power supplies available
N-Way OS Mirroring secures data no matter if any HDD fails
Hardware Monitoring, Auto-notifications, and Logging
Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with fail-over capability
10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet standard
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) support through serial port & SNMP Trap

Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with trunking capability
Gigabit Ethernet (auto-sensing)
RAID 5 Device Layer Cache Support with 20% performance enhancement

1U Rack-mount design
Volume concatenation support(*)
Network Resilience multi-subnets support
(*)Available with ComproNAS Filer software for Enterprise Businesses

Hot-Swap IDE HDD Interface, costs at least 30% lower than SCSI
Affordable initial setup cost and competitive incremental cost

Flexibility& Interoperability
Mulit-ProtoCol system supports on Microsoft, Apple, UNIX/LINUX, and Novell networks
Design for integration into Microsoft NT 4.0/2000 domain and NIS domain

ComproNAS Filer Backup to secure the data of NAS
ComproNAS Data Replicator to secure the data of client
SCSI Cal backup function available

Friendly Browser-Based Graphic User Interface (GUI)
Powerful and easy-to-use ComproNAS Filer software for management


Form Factor
1U rack-mount/stacked-up on desktop design

From 0 to 1.2TB and beyond, depending on hard disk drive capacity

Power Supply
Redundant 250W ATX power supplies

Hard Drive
4 X Hot-Swappable Enhanced IDE HDD bays

Rear Panel Connector
2 x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN port
1 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN port (via an optional mini-PCI adaptor)
1 x COM port for UPS connection.
1 x SCSI port (via an optional mini-PCI adaptor)

Front Panel LED
4 x LEDs for HDD¡¦s / 2 x LEDs for LANs
1 x LED for System
1 x push-button for system reset
1 x push-button for power on/off

Intel PIII CPU Architecture Celeron 1.26Ghz.

Main Memory
One 256MB PC100/133 SDRAM DIMM (supports up to 512MB).

IDE Interface
Two onboard IDE controllers to support four bus mastering ATA 66/100/133Enhance IDE channels

Serial Port
One UART Serial Port , for UPS connection.

Two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and one Gigabit Ethernet Supporting Fail-over and Trunking

Two free mini-PCI bus connectors for IDE, SCSI and future expansion

Hardware Monitoring
Detection for six Fans, and for the CPU thermal temperature monitoring

482.6mm (19")(W) x 44mm(1.75")(H) x 520mm(19.7")(D)

Approx. 10.4kg, without hard drive

Operation Environment
Air temperature: 10°C — 35°C
Humidity: 10% —95%

Storage Environment
Air temperature: -20°C — 65°C
Humidity: 10% —95%